I don’t need to tell you that Erie is growing.  It is a time of change.  The question is, will the growth sustain itself?  Will Erie find itself in good shape once we have built out?  Will we develop the infrastructure and economy during these good times that will weather the economic waves of the future?  Erie must grow from being a bedroom community to sustaining itself through retail and light industry.  The town’s current revenues rely heavily on impact fees, the fees levied on new residential growth.  Relying on revenues from residential sources is unsustainable.  If new building slows, the town will be short on revenue, and will want to raise our property taxes.

Attracting, retaining, and diversifying the businesses in Erie will improve our standing.  The town has taken some positive steps in this area, bringing in CoSolve to assist small businesses. 


However, when government assists, we have government picking winners and losers.  Erie needs to look closely at barriers that currently exist.  Word about town is that it is expensive to start a business in Erie.  Clearly defined codes and limited government can lower those barriers and minimize surprises for parties dealing with the town. 

Making Erie attractive to businesses puts Erie’s Interests First.

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