The Declaration of Independence includes the acknowledgement that all are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights defines these rights, creating the most prosperous nation in human history.  These American values must be applied in our local government. 


In Erie on Feb. 11, the board just voted itself more “flexibility” in dealing with new development.


The previous ordinance stated the board could only negotiate in four areas.  This new resolution allows negotiation in all areas.


Whenever the board gets more flexibility, the whim and caprice of any board member can become a hurdle to parties negotiating in good faith with the town.  It’s a power grab that can be used to cudgel applicants into submission.  More government flexibility equals more tyranny.  Liberty comes from a clear definition of the law.  The law creates boundaries within which individuals and entities can operate without interference.  When the boundaries are unclear (more flexibility for government) liberty suffers, and government chooses winners and losers.


Prioritizing liberty places Erie’s Interests First.

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